В серии Orientalia et Classica (вып. 64) вышел 9-й том Babel und Bibel: Selected Papers Presented at the 6th Biannual Meeting of the International Association for Comparative Semitics

Babel und Bibel

M. Bulakh. Was There a Color Term *ḥmr ‘to be red’ in Proto-Semitic?
G. del Olmo Lete. The Use of the Infinitive in Sequential Constructions in Ugaritic
Yu. Furman, S. Loesov. Notes on Historical Morphology of Turoyo
V. Golinets. Amorite Animal Names: Cognates for the Semitic Etymological Dictionary
O. Kapeliuk. Neo-Semitic: New Verb Forms, New Usage
G. Khan. Remarks on Roots and Stems in Christian Urmi Dialect of Neo-Aramaic
M. Krebernik. Etymological and Historical Problems Concerning Akkadian tamkāru ‘merchant’
T. Notarius. The Second-Person Non-Negated Jussive in the Language of Ugaritic Poetry in Comparative Semitic Perspective
P. Stein. The Cohortative in Biblical Hebrew – Subjunctive or Energic? A New Approach from the Sabaic Perspective
O. Stolbova. Ethiosemitic – Chadic Lexical Parallels
G. Takács. Semitic "Fat": Some New Etymologies
E. Vernet. Etymologischer Ursprung der reduplizierten und geminierten Wurzeln im Proto-Semitischen
M. Vernet. Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Semitic Verbal Root Incompatibilities: A New Typological Approach

Other Studies

Ancient Near Eastern Studies
E. Jiménez. May the Reader Not Withhold the Tablet! On a Formula in Late Babylonian Colophons

M. Maiocchi. Classical Sargonic Tablets Chiefly from Adab in the Cornell University Collections (E. Markina)
A. Kloekhorst. Accent in Hittite: A Study in Plene Spelling, Consonant Gradation, Clitics, and Metrics. (A. Sideltsev, M. Molina)

Semitic Studies

T. Fain, J. N. Ford, A. Lyavdansky. Aramaic Incantation Bowls at the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

Short Notes
L. Kogan, A. I. al-Da‘rhi, K. McNeer. Vitaly
N. Kuzin, S. Loesov. The Sun Also Rises: ko-salǝq u=yawmo

Old Testament Studies

C. von Büttner. "My God Was My Help": A Note on the Great Isaiah Scroll (Isa 49:5)

Abbreviations of Periodicals, Reference Works, Series, Sources, and Languages

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